Saturday, April 14, 2007

Truth Out, Sucker, Truth Out

The above photo appears as the main image on one of today's many incarnations of the online Times Picay-ew, with the header: "New York Couple Dances at French Quarter Fest, Fa La Friggin La."

Please note: No self-respecting New Yorker I know wears tye die. In fact, I've never even seen anyone wear tye die below the Dutchess County line. It's not tolerated.

(And I'm not even going to get into it with those socks, ya heard me?)

Here's the deal: these are either closet tie-dye Manhattanites who have finally--though temporarily, bitches, temporarily--brought 'em out or, much more likely, upstate people fond of talking shit about "downstaters," who "eat up all their tax dollars" (yet "generate the bulk of their state's revenue") while telling everyone outside New York that they're from NY--the implication being, of course, that they're from not upstate.

Either way, though, given all the "war of Northern aggression," "Yankee" shit one endures from a certain segment of lame throwbacks in the South, some of whom seem hellbent on keeping New Orleans news out of newspapers, this is a straight slap in the face.

Even hippies in the real New York don't roll like dat.


Blogger Ray said...

What's funny is how all the people sitting nearby are trying to avert their eyes.

8:28 AM  

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