Monday, June 06, 2011

The Land Is Dry

And baby, I am so thirsty.

And Americans are so judgmental of one another, sheesh. So many pursed lips, cries of disapproval, as if they matter, over things that don't even involve them or pertain to the public domain. Silly hens. We've all done things we're embarrassed about, or that are even "wrong," in our personal lives, right? I know I have. And I'm not referring to sex, something a lot of you people seem to have a fucked up view of, if you don't mind my saying. If you do, why is that, do you think? Do you expect everyone to adhere to the personal guidelines you set for yourself, in your personal life? I don't because it's not realistic. Does that make me a nihilist? Haven't you ever wanted someone, something that was bad for you? Have you faced that? Have you resisted? Haven't you ever had someone really good, even once? I only pose that last one because your current cries come off limp, and register deprived.

The Land Is Dry.


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