Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why, Yes,

it is wrong to besmirch, Mr. President.

I have a few serious problems with this President (drones, I'm a leftist).

But I am very glad he is a gentleman.

It's refreshing in the face of so much...rot?

And regarding the question to Obama in that clip about Watergate-style hearings--no. First, that phrasing is a Republican fallacy this reporter shouldn't have cited even in his mind, let alone as part of his question to the President (or anyone). I'd like to just swap out all these reporters after their terrible and shallow questions--yell out "Next, next!" and bring someone else off the bench. They won't listen, but I'd run it. Benching these whiner question askers is justified on the grounds of violating the craft they're supposed to be performing, whatever it's been perverted into. These East Coast dudes have got to get with it. The Watergate hearings were also justified.

"But when they go after the UN Ambassador, apparently because they think she's an easy target, then they've got a problem with me. And should I choose..."

Better run, you old batty fools, who no reporter who's the son of an also-idiot faux journalist has ever said should step aside to make way for someone younger: Daddy's home!


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