Tuesday, March 26, 2013

These Precious Things

I find it hard to believe we are living in a moment where a court is debating what people are allowed to do in their personal lives--well, they and legislators and random males with random ugly suggestions do that to us women all the time, but--oh, right, I keep forgetting--we're not really people.

Our white male masters do enjoy lesbians, though, albeit of the obscene desperate muppet mainstream porn variety, so perhaps this will be a factor in today's decision (logic and justice certainly haven't been thus far, outside of within nine states). A decision that they shouldn't be making. Because there shouldn't be this level of oppression, especially given how we tout ourselves as the world's most amazing democracy ever and all.

I guess I'm just at the point where, while I will be very happy and relieved when same-sex marriage is legalized, I'm fed up with the bigotry, the meddling. I'm hoping this is the fatigue one feels at the end of a debacle.

These rights should not be theirs to give and take.


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