Thursday, July 07, 2016

Black Lives Matter.

Dear Representative Schiff:

Hello. I am a member of your district. I am writing you not to request something specific, as I'm not sure what specific to request, but to simply implore you to join the effort to ensure the African American citizens in our community are better protected and defended loud and proud by your office.

I'm sure you share in my deep-seated conviction that the redundant, unjust and frankly insane violence and murder perpetuated against black people by police across this country, including here in California, is UNACCEPTABLE. However,

we ALL need to hear you voice this conviction, especially given how few white public figures are voicing this conviction and, even worse, are engaging in excuse-making, gaslighting and racist memes to deny and thus perpetuate this insane violence and murder.

Please speak out.

People like me are out here and we are behind you, in this frightening Trump era. I am holding myself to a higher standard on speaking out and reaching out, too, and encouraging my fellow citizens to do so, as well.

I thank you for your time, effort and consideration.


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