Friday, December 29, 2017

On Such a Winter's Day

Saw a rooster playing soccer yesterday at the park by my place, with some kids.

No active engagement, granted, but he was standing in perfect defense formation as his two kid companions kicked the ball back and forth across the grass, and I should know; I used to play, too.

Oh, and it's 81 degrees here, but feels at least 10 degrees cooler, so it's perfect weather by my human standards and also good soccer-playing weather for roosters, as it turns out.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Monday, December 18, 2017

That One Where I Interrupt Your Regular (and Irregular) Scheduled Programming

While I've refrained from asking until today, if you've enjoyed reading my blog these past 11 years and are able to donate via this Paypal link, even just enough for a cawfee, I'd appreciate it.

And thanks for reading...

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Best Feline Fella Forever: Albee Haviland, 2002-2017

Low Bar to Clear & Yet...

Yeah, so I don't want to hear or read a single 'nother bit of whining on behalf of married men, or anybody (but look at the typical case), who grabs and gropes anybody in professional spaces.

It's a workplace issue.

Of basic normalcy and functionality that most clear the bar on.

That's not a thing we should give up and, contrary to popular sentiment, men don't get to decide women's bodies are up for literal grabs (or vice versa) (like that's a thing). All this intellectualizing and defending creeps, with a dismaying amount of it coming from people who are not grabbers or gropers themselves, yet seem to want to give creeps free reign--against other people, not themselves. Convenient. Read around. Straw men are everywhere.

And so is dehumanization and an aggressive movement against the basic freedom of women that I don't care for in all too many on the left, as well as right.

I am going to work and I am not going to go along with being grabbed or groped. I am also not going to grab or grope.

It's not at all difficult to clear that bar on basic normalcy and functionality; it's really not.

Most of us do it every day.

So can they.

So can you.

So can I.

So can she.

So can he.