Monday, April 25, 2011

Now For That Whole Poem, And Then Some

As Houses


in this haze,
summer days
are better off
far away, but
winter without
a trace.

We’re always
seeking escape
from the isolation
we create – the desolation
of your absence
is better off
than our single-celled
seizure together, untenable.

Heavy Shades, Games Played

-----------------------Skate At Your Own Risk------------------------------

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outtakes From Seymour Hersh

at The New School, Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy: A Social Research Conference, held in 2010, which I found on a torn-out piece of notebook paper mixed in with my tax papers.

Oh, and as an aside to whatever Tax Act representative was reading the blog: this may seem like an offbeat site to you, based on the snotty tone of the last email from your "help" center, which essentially said I'm a stupid girl who doesn't know how to operate a computer, but I can assure you I am indeed a more traditional journalist in addition to being offbeat, with a lot of contacts, including my fellow journalists and offbeats -- and psst, we talk.

I suggest you spend less time playing D & D, both on and off the clock, and more time reading the actual content of your customers' email inquiries and answering them, rather than sending form letters to avoid having to, shudder, interact with them and rather than blaming this paying, courteous customer for your lack of attention, accuracy or clarity -- including re: the apparent glitch that can occur if Firefox is used to download your program on a p.c. Duh!

Let's all ingest some Sy Hersh and heal:

That's the bureaucracy: It's all mindset.

I won't talk to a source that won't independently verify the information with a fact-checker.

Re: 9/11 "Truther" movement
There's just never been an empirical case.

You never sexually humiliate an Arab. Do you Americans know what you've done?

I don't know any Pakistani who wants to knock down buildings in New York City.

"Hated French" -- you can say that easily

People aren't getting through it; they're not surviving it.

prone or supine