Monday, September 08, 2014

This Night of the Supermoon

Billy Idol, your energy, your Billy Idol-ness.

Billy Idol, experiencing your exuberance via old YouTube clips, including your bizarro yet 100% percent sensical rapport
with Arsenio Hall, made me happier today.

Thanks for that.
Super sexy.

I almost didn't want to add that bit because They'll say
it's all about your looks but it's not, Billy Idol.
(You are on my bucket list, though.)

Billy Idol, your air punches, your aliveness.
You are freedom.

Those pursed lips.
My pursed lips, Billy Idol.

Your hyperkinectivity
& yet you seemed cool in interviews, if wild
in a good way, Billy Idol

A way where you can trust that guy to be genuine, if nothing else &
what else is there when men can be so closed, not to be somber, I'm sure you've experienced it, too

And I always thought Rebel Yell was one of the best videos, Billy Idol

And your pride, Billy Idol

A weird supersexy everyman and/or maybe that's the moon

making me high

and/or maybe it's you.