Tuesday, August 16, 2016



Why did it have to be coffins, my first look at the flood of 2016? Why did it have to be coffins floating in flood waters near the site where I escaped both levee failure (LA) and Katrina (MS) in 2005?

Some macabre Louisiana joke, I lied to myself while stuck on the image, sitting at a desk in an office...you're one of the lucky ones, my survivor's guilt snaps at me. Still, these bad jolts, followed

by feeling grateful for the lack of human death this go 'round, while lead-stomach sickened for them all, including the coffins' occupants, including my friends in ashes within urns in New Orleans, the ones who didn't make it and here I am staring

at that photograph, in 2016, followed by blinking in relief that now there is less vitriol in the press, with a side of big question mark on how they couldn't care less...care forgot.

I didn't.




Sunday, August 07, 2016

Game Show: Mirror Mirror

Today's game show is brought to you by coffee and waking up too early on a Sunday after going to bed too early on a Saturday:

I call it: Mirror Mirror

Premise: You really need to take a look in one, if not two, mirrors, Contestant.

And we'll start off with two strong contenders, so strong they may even have double-handedly inspired this game (I read the news today, oh boy!):

Game Show Contestant A
Jill Stein: Hillary Clinton is the problem; she is not the solution to Donald Trump

Oh, how the crowd ooh'd; oh, how the crowd ahh'd!

Game Show Contestant B
Rudy Giuliani: Everybody should calm down

Oh, how the crowd oozed; oh, how the crowd ahh'd!