Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Good Deal of Bitchiness

Why haven't I read Elizabeth Hardwick? At any rate, she's a great interview, starting with:

I like many homosexuals and many self-absorbed, childless women, and I can’t see them as a menace to the republic, or even to Republicans. Some of my best friends . . . and so on.

And then there's:

I hadn’t thought of Him as in a state of desire except against idolaters, and as we know from the Old Testament it is very easy to sink into idolatry, which a good deal of the flag-waving is just now. As for evangelizing Christians, their vulgarization of the Scriptures surpasses belief, their incredible assumption of Jesus as a pal in the cheering stand.

And so forth:

Actually I have noticed lately a good deal of bitchiness with regard to certain women writers.