Monday, June 22, 2020

A Siren's Undercurrent

Soothing Only I Can Give

He’s like dark waves

lapping at edges of my

life, dark ocean straining

to envelope me, a siren’s undercurrent,


there for me, should

I stumble

Re: Lynchings, 2020

White people don't want to hear about it, White people don't want to talk about it, White people insist on denying violence against Black bodies, spirits, hearts, minds, insist on utter disregard, on the refusal to investigate their deaths, or to stop causing them, White people

get angry if you persist in talking about it, White people want to la la la and cling only to the deep-seated belief that they, under any circumstances, are not supposed to feel uncomfortable by even considering a reality that is so plain and ugly, so readily apparent, let alone by copping to their status as willful, silent enablers, even as their fellow citizens are being lynched.