Monday, December 20, 2010

Listening to a Gravely Ill 9/11 Worker

on Thom Hartmann only deepens my disgust with the Republicans' blocking and disdaining of a bill designed to help the declining emergency workers, firefighters and police officers, not the banks or billionaires who contribute so little to society in comparison.

Kill their spirits, break their bodies til they can no longer fight would be their working philosophy, it seems.

Passing out the remains...we were hoping to find somebody alive...Every morning, those victims' families were all lined up at that gate before I got in there, showing me pictures...I would take those cards and I would reassure them...but the reality was that I knew that for every person we found, or for every piece of a person we dug up, that the people on the other side were at least going to have closure...We still don't have closure...the asthma, all type of respiratory problems...There were no types of masks when we first went down there and we were reassured by our government officials that the air down there was fine. Everybody heard it. We were eating it down there, we were breathing it...

The speaker, John Devlin, has inoperable throat cancer.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Captain Beefheart Died!

I feel sick.

And I don't have any liquor in the house.