Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fomenting Chaos on Taxpayers' Dime

The LAPD has claimed the town for their own tonight, and in the distance, down the hill, the squeal of tires slashes the air as they continue to set up a narrative of "violent demonstrations" and "domestic terrorists," the clearest-cut case of projection I've seen in some time. Reality: They're the ones being violent, not to mention breaking the public trust. The sirens and helicopters form the background soundtrack of that plot. Speaking of trust, L.A. Times lost mine today in describing the eight-minute-long public murder of George Floyd as "the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a black man whose neck was pinned down by a white police officer."

No. They murdered him.

Los Angeles is not the chaos-scape you see illustrated on the television in other places, including today and yesterday, just so you know. I find myself cringing at the depictions of everything on fire all the time and unruly mobs, the cult-like insistence of the mainstream media on 1992 framing around everything forever, especially since the last few days have also shown that Los Angeles and so many American cities are full of patriotic, democratic, concerned, unarmed citizens exercising their rights peacefully--and being met with outright violence--versus how armed GI Joe wannabes were treated by the state police in Michigan.

The Los Angeles mayor and the city council and the police, tho? They're the source of the chaos the tv people are blaming the rest of us for, and this little narrative of theirs boils down to the most blatant lying I've seen in some time. And the hostility of it all is also evident in the way we're being treated with this bs curfew--people at a peaceful protest in Santa Monica were just teargassed 40 minutes before the curfew was scheduled to begin today.

But cry to me about a building or store some more, please.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

People > Property

White Americans, always so concerned for property, lamenting "destruction" and pointing their passive-aggressive fingers at Black Americans by citing "unrest," yet most seldom express the same anguish over police executions of Black men and women. Instead, White Americans frame their moaning over things as moral and, in reality, continue to parrot the distortions barked out by the venal people on television.

These sirens sound like ghouls, I can hear them screaming from up in the hills, and view the print version via venal tinpot headlines.

I'm not buying these blanket negative characterizations of Los Angeles citizens engaging in democratic protests and memorials for George Floyd from this mayor or from this shrieking mainstream media, given their venal agendas, their delusions of grandeur...

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The Fires Have Started/Kurt Loder Turned 75

Neighborhood headline:
Cypress Tree Ablaze

Downed power lines up and down the street several blocks away, who
knows why, with the rest of us and everything else held aloft by the
grace of firefighters