Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dear Louisiana Legislature, et al:

Please stop embarrassing us.
Things are bad enough without this .

In your sick, twisted minds, a woman's vagina is fair game for rapists and crude sicko male relatives.

A woman's vagina is fair game.

My vagina feels compelled to step up and say you are childish chess-players mechanizing one step closer in preparation for the big rapture. You kill the notion of any Christ every day, and are too dumb to realize how much the baby Jesus wants to crap on you.

This better blow the argument that Democrats are any better than Republicans, or that any of us should trust any of them. People will say this is " just politics" and "it'll never happen" - the Democrats' justifying lines as they looked the other way, turned the other cheek - but people are notoriously denial-ridden. For the first time, given, too, the new composure of the Supreme Court, I can feel what it would be like to live in a world with no reproductive rights. Because it's not just abortion, which by now should be beyond obvious and if it's not, please sign up for some electroshock, please, it's birth control: that's next on their hit list. Just look at all the faux-conscientious objectors polluting our pharmacies, alleged medical professionals seemingly unaware that the pill is also prescribed for health reasons. Banning that and then condoms, wa la: it's the 1800s; my uncle's daddy's granddaddy can rape me regularly, force me to bear his child, and control my life forever.

The government can drag ass on fixing levees so we don't all die - dying is more gifting, also remember, yet the "terrorists" who advocate death are the crazy ones - but isn't too busy to work on devolving us back to a time when sewing one's vagina shut seems a sensible line of defense.

That there's no exception for rape or incest...well, I'm not naive - or is it jaded? - enough to not be stunned and disgusted by that. The naked hatred of it. And, again, people will say things like, "They're sick; didn't you know?" or "They're trying to distract from the real issues" - no. They're declaring war.

And, guys, what if it were your penises being legislated? Because, in a sense, it is - that pesky premarital sex: too risky, 1950! - and, with this crew, I wouldn't be surprised if caps on semen were also institutionalized.

Given the population explosion, this also doesn't make any sense - that every woman who fucks a man has no way to guard against pregnancy - especially when one factors in global warming and the way it's shrinking down our viable living spaces because not only is very little being done about it by this administration, this administration has rolled back so many environmental protections that we are headed to disasters everywhere - that rapture mentality again.

Well, guess what, Louisiana Legislature, G.W. administration, Supreme Court, zealots and passive whores to denial: If the rapture entails starving, swimming through polluted, snake- and ant-infested flood waters, drowning, dehydrating, dying - all in the service of your loving savior - congratu-fucking-lations, you've really fixed us good now.


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