Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thangs I Hear, Ignore, Utter, Roll My Eyes @ Re: Facebook

I can't believe she deleted me, I can't see his photos, I'm tired of hearing about, Some people really need to learn that, Rejecting a friend request is not the way to tell a person you're angry, Anyone who thinks that is, I'm leaving, Everyone who lives here is, If you don't like this show, you're, I'm tracking those profile visits, I have a right to my opinion though I am unfamiliar with the topic, I can't stand when certain people, I'm back, Don't you read this, I'm better since, I have the best blank in the world, If you care about this you'll repost this, Let's invite everyone but, Why is he using the internet to stalk me?, I hate this website, Thank you all, You missed out, I just got sick of this so I said this and this is right -- I said it, I'm here with them, Where are you?


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