Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Truth Is Out There?

Just saw a "Honk if you don't exist" bumper sticker for the second time this month and though I was tempted to take the bait, I did not honk, having watched enough X-Files in my formative years to recognize a sci-fi trap.

Would I be disappeared immediately, driving down the steep hill behind this Jeep bearing this bumper sticker, if I accepted the dare, or honk, laugh and a few minutes later become dizzy, pull over and see the clock on my dashboard stop, only for lights to appear?

Do I only continue to exist if I stay silent, if I reject the impulse to make some noise?

Does the driver get paid, does he rack up karma points gig-economy style, if I can be baited?

Are otherworldly beings of Mulder lore even the danger or does the threat still turn out to be humans of the American variety?

After all this time, seems any aliens out there know to stay away, though I suppose hoovering me up to their ship, as they’re said to do, would enable them to maintain a safe distance, especially if I no longer exist…


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