Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Scary Americans, take 2006

Families should grow on trees!

"In New Orleans, you've got high crime, you've got a bad educational system. Because of all the tourists, it's hard to keep the city clean. It's just hard. It's entirely two different markets," said [Hornets owner George] Shinn, who moved the team from Charlotte to New Orleans in 2002, to the AP. "They couldn't survive without tourists. The whole city is built on it, and (Oklahoma City is) not. You're built to draw people that want to grow families. I'm a person of faith, and I love this country. I've seen more flag-wavers here (Oklahoma City) and more people that are God-fearing than any part of the country."

Fear God!
Wave flag!
Feed on flesh of tourists!

"Shinn told the Associated Press that he figures a decision about the 2007-08 season would need to be made by December or January, so the team can start selling season tickets."

Georgie Shinn, person of faith.


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