Friday, August 03, 2007

That bitch is still on delay.

From "President Bush has promised to veto the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), which contains flood protection projects critical to this country and to south Louisiana, a region ravaged by faulty federal flood protection."

This doesn't surprise me, though it does disgust me; after all, George W. Bush is the same man who stood in Jackson Square and pledged to rebuild New Orleans in early September of 2005, then literally pulled the plug after his speech, plunging the city back into darkness on his way out, where much of it remains to this day--yeah, he shut off all the electricity once his photo op was over. It's in When The Levees Broke, a documentary that should be required viewing. Why more Americans, including certain notoriously lax New Orleanians [read: the Eddie Jordans; the Warren Rileys], are not visibly outraged by this whole debacle is something I'll never understand.

Wake up, America.

My slightly tweaked version of's letter:
"I strongly urge you to immediately sign the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA).

A veto of WRDA would constitute yet another terrible governmental blow to New Orleans and south Louisiana's recovery. WRDA includes major projects like 100-year hurricane protection and restoration of Louisiana's ravaged coast.

It also includes billions in crucial projects that protect other areas of the country. These projects cannot wait.

In 2005, our nation learned the hard way what happens when critical water projects go unfunded. Large sections of New Orleans were destroyed due to poor design and management of a federal flood control project. This costly destruction could happen anywhere. I would also suggest using the Netherlands's system as a model for our own levees, as that nation has certainly been much more effective than the Corps of Engineers. Katrina did not kill thousands of Americans; the breaking of the fragile, ill-conceived levees did and federal apathy continues to ensure the city's stagnation and ruin--which may very well be your goal because you are doing very little, if anything, to help restore the city of New Orleans on any level.

Taxpayers must be able to trust the critical infrastructure that protects their lives and property, or we should not be required to pay taxes."


Blogger Mom of Three said...

Anyone whose worth a damn in America has been awake for a long, long time, but these people are crooks--and they've stolen offices, lives, you name it. At this point, we have to wait it out and hope the other party is better. If not, too bad for them, because we've dumped parties for good in the past (where are those Whigs? What about the know-nothings?) and we'll do it again.

So, even though I'm in Oregon, your levees are still a concern to us, and we're watching them...all of see who is going to get a move on with this.

2:28 AM  
Blogger John Doheny said...

I'm waiting for the blogswarm of rightwing waterheads and libertardtarians to start screeching about how stupid those Minnesotans were for trusting 'the government' to build them a bridge that wouldn't fall down. Or to bloviate about how they don't want any of 'their' tax dollars wasted on building a new bridge, since clearly the corrupt democrat mayor of Minnesota done wasted all the previous bridge money on Boone's Farm and reefer and welfare for the coloreds.

It won't happen of course. The bridge will be repaired in a timely manner because Minneapolis is filled with lots of white people and is therefore part of America and deserves the support of it's fellow citizens. And also because you don't see any Minnesotans lying around in their free trailers waiting on FEMA for a handout.

Frankly I've come to a sort of acceptance about being drummed out of the U.S.A. I just wish we'd get on with it and formalize the process with a declaration of seccession from the union, so the next time those federal cocksuckers come mooching around for oil or seafood, or want to run any of their fucking wheat or manufactured goods through our port or build any NASA components and the Mcdonell Douglas plant or educate any of their whiny, spoiled children at one of our five universities, we can tell them to go fuck themselves with a chainsaw.


3:49 PM  

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