Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spam Done Right -- or Better, at Least

Now, as opposed to the usual offerings, this is some sophisticated spam mail:

Subject Line Says: Editor Needed

My name is Dependra Santha, I will require your service to assist me in proof reading and copyediting the two documents I have attached to this email. I will like to know how much you will charge for both document. Once am sure of the price, I will instruct my associate in the USA to mail out a cashiers check payment to you for the service since I am out the country now a short course in the United Kingdom. The document will be due by the 22th of August as am trying to submit them to an accessor over here. I will be waiting for your reply,
Dependra Santha

I am a proofreader/copyeditor type, after all.

Alas, Dependra Santha, my price just shot up to a million big ones. Give me your account number and I'll edit whatever once those funds have transferred.


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