Monday, August 01, 2011

And Now for a Word From the Inner Voice

The Inner Voice: Dialoguing/Getting ready Saturday night

He started out last night's conversation telling you how he sabotages relationships. Then, he set about sabotaging yours. Do you think he's done masturbating aloud yet? Either way, it's time to go dancing.

I think you should wear heels tonight.
I think you should bite me.

The Inner Voice: Subway observances, Saturday night

If only this guy weren't so smug about how good looking he is. Smug enough to wear hot pink shoelaces with his tattoo sleeves. Hate.

Why is this MTA worker screaming at us through the megaphone? Scream or megaphone, buddy: pick one. Can't understand you either way. Consider your duty to the company discharged.

These Brits are so getting off at Union Square.

The Inner Voice, Street ramblings, Saturday night

Yes, I am putting another coat of lipstick on and walking through your volley of stares and heckles, I shall not want.

My friend who considers this part of this neighborhood dodgy should see some of the other places I've frequented. Inner zen maintenance boulevard.

Does this guy really think I'm under 21, really?


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