Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I started out the work week in sort of a weird way and now it's been a weird Tuesday, damn it, the weirdness is spreading.

I went to take my garbage and recyclables out Monday morning, all dressed and fresh and caffeinated like a good self-employed person, not some mental patient working and shuffling at home in pajamas, unfit for public consumption, which is what a lot of people remark on when I mention I'm not office bound: "Oh, you work from home? You get to work in your pajamas."

After years of hearing, and having to refute, this observation, I can't help but wonder if they're picturing me in pajamas and if so, what kind? What kind? I want to know. Then I want them to tell me if I was an animal what kind of animal I'd be.

When I was coming back up the stairs after dropping off my trash, I found myself at eye level with a tall ten-year-old girl wearing a cool headband and vomiting on the sidewalk, a weird thing to walk up towards.

A woman was standing off to the side sort of glaring at this girl, a not very sympathetic mother, if that's who she was, and the porter came out from the lobby of the building to gape at her.

I didn't find it to be a horrifying vision, just weird from my original vantage point. She's a kid. She got sick. Help her or stop staring.

Haven't they ever thrown up before? Isn't it somehow crossing from voyeuristic to creepy to gape at a child that way? And where are their Iphones?



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