Monday, January 02, 2017

George Michael

my pre-teenage & teenage & young woman selves, respect: he was sacred, and a beacon of, say, alternative sexiness, much like Prince and David Bowie. but listening to this now is like an elevator right back to how I felt then, my pre-teenage & teenage & young woman selves, discovering men, discovering rampant limitations right along with them, looking for and finding men who were also interested in transcending said rampant limitations, respect: George "this time I think that my lover understands me" Michael and Godspeed to your unapologetic sexuality, your hotness, scoffed at and belittled by men of a certain mindset (stuck), yet you had a clear religious bent, too, as I remembered watching the acoustic versions of Freedom '90, an anthem for a reason, an icon for a reason, and I remember you were treated like shit, outed, belittled, and the clear and understandable impact it had on you, and that mattered to a lot of people, and you seemed to overcome it. I mean, you know not everybody has got a body like you, both a body of work and a literal body like you, if that's any solace: not everybody has got a body like you, George Michael


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