Sunday, August 09, 2020

Not a Fan, 2020

Not a fan of retreads

Not a fan of careerists in government who have never
run in, let alone won, an election

Not a fan of any clique that refuses to relinquish control, even
a clique I like

Not a fan of their wealth, which makes for bad governance

Not a fan of their self-importance

Not a fan of their hierarchical mindsets, their
comfort with misspending other peoples' money, people
who work much harder than them

Not a fan of their incessant one-way
communication at me, or their misogyny

Not a fan of fandom, or being ordered to talk a certain way or
else about someone who could give a damn
about me or anybody but himself, the usual template

for our American figureheads, who are delusional enough
to declare themselves role models, to
posture as leaders toward people they are looting


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