Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the Spam Saga Continues...

So when last we spoke, I had been the proud recipient of not just any spam, but a spam customized around my paid gig as an editor.

Alas, I am merely one of many editors to be courted by this particular spam sandwich, according to a message broadcast today by an editorial association I'm a member of.

"Dear members,

A scammer using the name Dependra Santha has been attempting to prey on our members and apparently also members of similar organizations in the U.S. and U.K. (and elsewhere for all we know). The scam involves an apparently legitimate offer of editorial work. Those who follow up and accept the 'work' receive a cashier's check for several thousand dollars more than the freelancer's estimate, supposedly in error. They are told to deposit the check and sent the difference from their own account back to Dependra. Needless to say, the original cashier's check turns out to be phony, leaving the freelancer out the money sent to the scammer, to say nothing of bank fees for depositing a bad check.

We urge you to beware of this scam in particular and this sort of cashier's check scam in general."

Dependra, I thought you wanted meeeeeeeeee.


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