Sunday, May 08, 2011

Straining to Be More Mainstream

Now now, gentle reader, just because I'm good with being single, and do not want a wedding beyond a so-minimalist-you-can't-hardly-see it ceremony, does not mean I don't want to have an I'm married party at some point that does not require pageantry of any kind. Unless I go disco or trailer. Then all the guests would be required to either wear roller skates or low-riding hemlines.

So I'm practicing being more normal by fantasizing about a wedding. As you might notice, this is coming off a little forced for me, except the part about the outfit I'd be wearing: a very hip, yet old-fashioned ivory suit with an A-line skirt & some smart heels.

Did I mention I used to bite on my Barbies' feet as a child? And, okay, just the other day, but I've been a little stressed, don't judge.


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