Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blast This

Will find way to disable: "Styleblaster documents all -- the visiting fashion plates, the hipsters and have-nots, the native Polish and Italian proud who have for years called this neighborhood home."


Oh, good. Now if the cops aren't filming you wherever you go, these residents--can't call them fellow citizens, they're here urban touring--will oblige by rigging a camera up on a main block to record you for their own amusement. I mean, because they adore the community. It's all so very

objectifying, so very privacy violating, racist in both its omissions and its inclusions, and let's not even get into how very condescending, the "have-nots," how very, but hey if you're not doing anything it shouldn't bother you, right, you're out in public, right, what'd you expect for existing, right?

Well, I say ugh in their general direction. Enough already.

For all the lame buzzing about them, these so-called hipster children are just so joyless, nothing like my family and friends from Brooklyn and the 718 who were born and raised there. The so-called hipster children are not participating, they're pointing at people, all passionlesslike. They're not survivors. They're not direct. They're not wild. They're not real. They're not expressive. They're not conflicted. They don't work hard. They strike me as being like nothing at all; no politics that are tangible, no opinions grounded in hard reality, just

dead air

hanging there

like expired sushi

And yet they somehow manage to annoy others, almost as if, hmmm, they're going out of their way to do so and then decrying the rightful objections, all for something to rebel against, something to challenge that won't have them truly break a sweat. Is this the new edgy? The writer of the Gothamist piece about the latter url makes reference to feeling like these voyeurs are judging him and all I could think was, "Them? Who cares?"

They remind me of this annoying transplant twit who kept milling and even dancing around me and the friend I was having a pretty serious conversation with, or trying to, as we walked through the Quarter, my first visit back after leaving and our first time seeing each other since before she who shall not be named. Alas, Crapgypsy was imparting her wisdom about how to beeeeee in New Orleans, the way she told it, not that we asked or gave any indication of wanting her anywhere near us. I finally had to yell at her to stop blocking people on the sidewalk...I don't see the point of not honoring the place you've chosen to inhabit, learning from it, meeting people who are not carbon copies of you, for examples of things they're not doing on Bedford in Williamsburg (or that crapgypsies everywhere oppose by rote; Stevie this is not). I don't see the point when there's no joy, just leering, recording, co-opting; so what?

And stop with all the bad, insincere hats already.

Learn some manners.

Blast this.


Blogger gpoint spygirl said...

234 north 7th street, between driggs and roebling.

I found it using google street view, looking for the bright green house in the background. The green house and the one to the right of it match up, and across the street is construction on the sidewalk. looking at the angle the pictures are taken in relation to the construction points to 234 across the street, and zooming in shows a fence identical to the one in the foreground of the photos. looking at the angle of the fence in photos shows the camera is in the bottom floor/basement window.

also creepy to note is that the silver SUV parked in front of the green building happens to be parked in front of the green building in street view in practically the same spot.

take a look at yourself... zoom in on the fence, then rotate around and look for the green building across the street and the car. the color in the photos is more saturated, making the green building look brighter than on g.s.v. but if you have any doubts look closely at the fences in front and you will find a perfect match.


your welcome.

3:22 AM  

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