Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reasons Not to Do My Taxes, April 12—er, 13

1. My arms hurt.
(Hurts to write!)
(Hurts to type!)
2. It’s distracting me from typing up this list.
3. HazeAblaze is blind.
4. HazeAblaze was permanently and totally disabled in 2012.
5. I’m in a bad mood.
6. I’m in a good mood.
7. Are you kidding me—corporations pay what, now?
8. My square footage calculation method could be a bit wacky.
9. Corporations pay what, now?
10. I’m exhausted.
11. I drank too much coffee.
14. Part of the reason I’m poor: poor allocations of my tax dollars since…forever.
15. NYS does not need this much more of my money. (The months tick down to August...27 years, where's my payout?)
16. This has all been a hallucination...
17. I think.


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