Wednesday, February 07, 2018

An email from "Trump Headquarters"


Now that we are officially in 2018, President Trump has requested a list of all supporters who have renewed their 2018 Membership by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

These are the patriots who are laying the early foundation for an even stronger second year of our historic presidency. These are the patriots who refuse to let the media define our movement.

And this is your chance to put your name up top, Friend.

Please make a contribution of $1 to renew your 2018 Sustaining Membership before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to show the President he has the FULL backing of the American people in the new year.

We have now entered a CRITICAL election year. The media is hoping to claim that 2018 will be a referendum on President Trump.

It’s up to us to prove them WRONG. Let’s show them that we are starting off the year stronger than we started his inauguration.

America is waking up to the fake news. We’re waking up to the lies liberals have been feeding our country for decades. We are still fighting to take our country, and we will not rest."

Here are a few pictures of said "patriots" that they must just have "forgotten" to include:


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