Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tepid Fire, Absent Fury: A Mini-Review

So, I read most of the much-discussed Fire and Fire yesterday, though I hadn't been interested in doing so, and came to a conclusion I don't see in all the raving about the book, both positive and negative:

Dull scumbags are dull.

I don't find horror in gossip. I find it in the horrific policies being pushed, which were not addressed at all in the book, other than as some cocktail party obstacles, leaving much of the focus on faux intrigues, on rich white people vampings as they undo the world.

Most of it wasn't anything new.

They like to hate: It isn't deep.

And as awful as this administration is, the text wasn't even interesting enough to be anger inducing.

Just dull.

The dullest scumbags, floated up top.


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