Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Re: Online Dating

A problem with online dating is well, for example, let's say a man with the username I Love Bacon sends you a message.

Now, I love bacon, once in a while. But what kind of name is that?

If I met this man in real life and he introduced himself to me as I Love Bacon, I'd think he was an asshole.

Wouldn't you?

Conversely, earlier I played a very bad round of You Don't Know Jack under the username Tofu, which wasn't my choice--my choice was the game chooses and that's what it christened me. I love the chick pea, more than I love bacon, and eat a good amount of vegetarian but tofu, tofu I loathe you.

I'm sure I had a point and that this treatise on online dating is probably maybe going somewhere but in the meantime------>When Bacon & Tofu Collide


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