Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, Craigslist

Now, now.

I know Craigslist takes a lot of heat, some of it deserved, but I have found several reputable clients on there in the last decade--no, not johns--publishing companies seeking editors.

And I don't think it's fair to blame one website for incidents of violence or assault, as the trend in the mainstream media has been.

I also don't think the gradual decline in quality in a lot of the ads is a reflection of the dreaded Craigslist, but of an overall decline in both grammar and professionalism that I see online at sites like MediaBistro, too. In either case, cough, all the smiley faces on the planet do not disguise the fact that you're not even paying minimum wage.

In NYC, the list is where a lot of people still find apartments. So it's not all pervs and syntax sluts--which brings me to my current favorite find, provided by our friend Craig since, like everyone else, we're both hypocrites:

Header: Adult Scene Descriptions, 5 to 7 words each

I guess brevity would be key.

Ad: We need descriptions written for adult scenes, similar to what you can see on any adult tube site. You will be able to see a timeline (presented by thumbnails) based on which you can describe a scene (5 -7 words).

Maybe the current dearth of viable jobs and/or clients is contributing to this impression, but I can't help but find the prospect of this work both funny and entertaining, a way of procrastinating on actual serious work that I'd actually enjoy.

Ad: You have to complete at least 600 descriptions in 2 day period.

I'm sorry?

Ad: You work will be checked and funds released (considering that everything is approved). Poor performers will be banned.

Talk about performance anxiety.

Ad: We have 100,000 descriptions to work on so it can be an ongoing project for you.

I'll say!

Ad: Payments can be arranged via (paypal, check, wire).

Oh, can they--you'll compensate me? Smiley face! And...

the kinky gives way to another sleazy scam, the classy version of MediaBistro's recurring ad for an underwear company copyeditor, the one that used too many capital letters to say things like, "We take underwear SERIOUSLY. You must have a PASSION for men's underwear."

I do. But I don't want to have to talk about it with unsexy weirdos. They're banned, too.


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